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The MBA Master of Business Administration online/off-campus programs in Australia provide an opportunity for individuals to pursue postgraduate business studies while balancing the demands of work, business, family, and social life. For most students it is the obvious first choice of study mode but in some other cases it can be the only viable option because of a lack of access to on-campus facilities or a mobile lifestyle making a commitment to one location being difficult to make.

Most of the benefits of studying online become even more pronounced in the case of postgraduate business students because of the life and career stages and competing demands these students are most commonly experiencing. Some examples of these benefits include:

- Freedom from location limitations with students in general (apart from any residential requirements) being able to access their classroom from anywhere in the world making it possible to balance job and study demands without worrying about physical access to the classroom

- Flexibility to personalise the study experience so as to balance other competing elements of your life, with the model of independent learning making it possible to maintain a meaningful family and social life without impacting on study requirements.

- Easy access to a range of study and support services especially tailored for the online learning experience means the online student can usually revieve the individual feedback and find the answers they require with a minimum of fuss

- Distance education can also be cheaper in actual course fees and/or in the associated costs of study such as travel expenses and outside meals along with saving the opportunity cost of time associated with attending classes

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By the time you are ready to begin postgraduate studies your life has often changed dramatically since the day you first began university or commenced employment. Competing demands on your time and your physical presence can make it difficult to include in your life an educational program that will allow you to achieve your potential in an academic, vocational, and personal sense. An online/off-campus Master of Business Administration is the perfect solution in this situation.

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